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Influence of pectinase enzyme Beisol PRO on hemp fibres retting; pp. 77–81
PDF | doi: 10.3176/proc.2015.1S.02

Aina Bernava, Skaidrite Reihmane, Guntis Strazds

The analysis of hemp cultivation and usage trends in the world and Europe shows that hemp cultivation and processing in Latvia has good perspectives. This paper presents the results of a first study about the usage of pectinase enzyme Beisol PRO (4% water solution) for Latvian hemp sort “Purini” retting at different time and temperatures conditions and treatment influence on obtained fibres quality. Gravimetrical examination of the quantity of fibres and sheaves after retting, physical-mechanical tests and TG analysis, colour properties, and selected samples microscopy evaluation show that enzyme treatment is not significant for fibre separation from stem as well as TG characteristics at investigated time and temperature conditions. Use of pectinase enzyme for hemp retting in some cases increases tensile strength of fibres and causes changes of colour characteristics.



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