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Parameterization of run-up characteristics for long bell-shaped solitary waves propagating in a bay of parabolic cross-section; pp. 234–239
PDF | doi: 10.3176/proc.2015.3.05

Oleg Didenkulov, Ira Didenkulova, Efim Pelinovsky

Run-up of solitary waves of different bell-like shapes (solitary-like and Lorentz-like waves and sine-like pulses) is studied in a linearly inclined bay of parabolic cross-section. Their maximum run-up heights, maximum water flow velocities, and parameters of wave breaking on the beach are calculated, compared, and discussed. It is shown that these parameters for different pulses of the same height and characteristic wavelength coincide with an acceptable accuracy, hence allowing parameterization of the corresponding formulas for run-up characteristics.


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