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SkImager: a concept device for in-vivo skin assessment by multimodal imaging; pp. 301–308
PDF | doi: 10.3176/proc.2014.3.02

Janis Spigulis, Uldis Rubins, Edgars Kviesis-Kipge, Oskars Rubenis

A compact prototype device for diagnostic imaging of skin has been developed and tested. Polarized LED light at several spectral regions is used for illumination, and round skin spot of diameter 34 mm or 11 mm is imaged by a CMOS sensor via cross-oriented polarizing filter. Four consecutive imaging series are performed: (1) RGB image at white LED illumination for revealing subcutaneous structures; (2) four spectral images at narrowband LED illumination (450, 540, 660, and 940 nm) for mapping of the main skin chromophores and diagnostic indices; (3) video-imaging under green LED illumination for mapping of skin blood perfusion; (4) autofluorescence video-imaging under UV (365 nm) LED irradiation for mapping of the skin fluorophores. Design details of the device and its software as well as preliminary results of clinical tests are presented.


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