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Influence of guar gum/furcellaran and guar gum/carrageenan stabilizer systems on the rheological and sensorial properties of ice cream during storage; pp. 193–198

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/proc.2014.2.09

Tiina Klesment, Jelena Stekolštšikova, Katrin Laos


The influence of furcellaran as a secondary stabilizer, together with guar gum, on ice cream rheological and sensorial properties during 13 months of storage was studied. The results were compared with various guar gum/carrageenan blends. While the addition of furcellaran to ice cream was found to slightly decrease the scores of colour, odour, and flavour characteristics, it also increased the creamy sensation and had a good stabilizing effect on the ice cream during extended storage.


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