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Numerical study of upward particulate pipe flows at a constant Reynolds number; pp. 97–108
PDF | doi: 10.3176/proc.2013.2.03

Alexander Kartushinsky, Ylo Rudi, Sergei Tisler, Igor Shcheglov, Alexander Shablinsky

The method based on 2D Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equations has been employed for the simulation of upward turbulent particulate cylindrical pipe flows of different diameters for a constant flow Reynolds number. This approach was supplied with appropriate closure equations which took into account all pertinent forces and effects that exerted influence on gas and particles: the particle–particle, particle–wall, and particle–turbulence interactions; gravitation, viscous drag, and lift forces; and turbulence modulation. The finite volume technique was applied to the numerical solution of the governing equations. The results show the effect of the mass loading on the radial distributions of the longitudinal velocity lag, the turbulence modulation, and particle concentration. In particular, the two-way coupling of turbulence with the given particles raises simultaneously the velocity lag between gas and particles, originating from direct impact of turbulence on particle motion, and turbulence attenuation by the particles. The radial distributions of longitudinal particle velocity and mass concentration become flatter for higher flow mass loading.


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