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Generalized Langevin equation with multiplicative trichotomous noise; pp. 113–127

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/proc.2011.2.04

Erkki Soika, Romi Mankin, Jaanis Priimets


The influence of noise flatness and memory-time on the dynamics of a generalized Langevin system driven by an internal Mittag-Leffler noise and by a multiplicative trichotomous noise is studied. In the asymptotic limit at a short memory time the dynamics corresponds to a system with a pure power-law memory kernel for a viscoelastic type friction. However, at long and intermediate memory times the behaviour of the system has a qualitative difference. In particular, a critical memory time and a critical memory exponent have been found, which mark dynamical transitions in the resonant behaviour of the system. The obtained results show that the model considered is quite robust and may be of interest also in cell biology.


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