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EDITORIAL. Special issue devoted to the International Conference on Complexity of Nonlinear Waves. Highlights in the research into complexity of nonlinear waves; pp. 61–65
PDF | doi: 10.3176/proc.2010.2.01

Jüri Engelbrecht, Arkadi Berezovski, Tarmo Soomere
We reflect highlights of studies into a variety of phenomena reflecting the complexity of underlying nonlinear pro­cesses in a selection of research disciplines in the Centre of Nonlinear Studies (CENS), presented in the International Conference on Complexity of Nonlinear Waves, 5–7 October 2009, Tallinn, Estonia. We emphasize the similarity of mathematical description of and potential synergy arising from complementary studies in general soliton science, wave propagation in microstructured and functionally graded materials, related inverse problems, issues of nondestructive testing, weak resonant interactions of water waves, wave transformation and run-up, soliton interactions in shallow water, and selected problems of passive scalar turbulence.

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