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Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Physics. Mathematics
Investigation of the pseudoelastic behaviour in two commercial NiTi alloys: experiments and modelling; 197–206

Casper van der Eijk, Jim Stian Olsen, Zhiliang Z. L. Zhang

The purpose of the work is to test the suitability of commercially available NiTi alloys for application as seismic protection material. Two different NiTi alloys are characterized mechanically. One of these alloys is fully austenitic at room temperature, while the other has an austenite start temperature above room temperature, but a martensite start temperature below room temperature. The two alloys show only a small temperature region with pseudoelastic behaviour. Modelling was performed to investigate whether combining two different materials in one damper configuration provides a damper with a broad range of temperatures with good damping characteristics.


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