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Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Geology
Vol 53, Issue 4, 2004
Diversity of late Ordovician rugose corals in Baltoscandia: role of environmental changes and comparison with other areas; pp. 233–245
Dimitri Kaljo
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Apatite varieties in the shell of the Cambrian lingulate brachiopod Obolus apollinis Eichwald; pp. 246–256
Jüri Nemliher, Tiia Kurvits, Toivo Kallaste, Ivar Puura
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The earliest known Trypanites borings in the shells of articulate brachiopods from the Arenig (Ordovician) of Baltica; pp. 257–266
Olev Vinn
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Application of OSL and 10Be techniques to the establishment of deglaciation chronology in Estonia; pp. 267–287
Anto Raukas
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