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Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Biology. Ecology
Vol 55, Issue 4, 2006
Isoenzyme diversity and affinity between Dactylis glomerata and Puccinellia maritima (Poaceae); pp. 267–279
Georgi B. Angelov
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Ecological processes in macrophyte- and phytoplankton-dominated shallow lakes; pp. 280–307
Priit Zingel, Peeter Nõges, Lea Tuvikene, Tõnu Feldmann, Ain Järvalt, Ilmar Tõnno, Helen Agasild, Helen Tammert, Helen Luup, Jaana Salujõe, Tiina Nõges
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Abundance of willow rust (Melampsora sp.) on different willow clones in Estonian energy forest plantations; pp. 308–317
Merje Toome, Katrin Heinsoo, Anne Luik
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Suitability of MODIS 250 m resolution band data for quantitative mapping of cyanobacterial blooms; pp. 318–328
Tiit Kutser, Liisa Metsamaa, Ele Vahtmäe, Niklas Strömbeck
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Spectral library of macroalgae and benthic substrates in Estonian coastal waters; pp. 329–340
Tiit Kutser, Ele Vahtmäe, Liisa Metsamaa
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Above-ground production of two willow species in relation to radiation interception and light use efficiency; pp. 341–354
Ebe Merilo, Katrin Heinsoo, Olevi Kull, Andres Koppel
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