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SINCE 1984
Oil Shale cover
Oil Shale
ISSN 1736-7492 (Electronic)
ISSN 0208-189X (Print)
Impact Factor (2022): 1.9
Vol 39, Issue 3, 2022
Characteristics of oil and gas production of oil shale pyrolysis by water vapor injection; pp. 153–168
Jing Zhao, Lei Wang, Dong Yang, Zhiqin Kang
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Experimental investigation on the hydrocarbon generation of low maturity organic-rich shale in supercritical water; pp. 169–188
Tian Xie, Qiuyang Zhao, Yu Dong, Hui Jin, Yechun Wang, Liejin Guo
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Investigation of oil shale and its pyrolysis tar from the Uvurjargalant deposit in Mongolia; pp. 189–216
Namkhainorov Jargalsaikhan, Barnasan Purevsuren, B. Bat-Ulzii, D. Batkhishig, B. Myagmargerel
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Thermal methods of solid fuel processing: review; pp. 217–240
Zhannur Kadenovna Myltykbayeva, Zhaniya Тurlykhanovna Yeshova, Мadi Bekezhanuly Smaiyl
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