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Oil Shale
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Experimental study on separation of oil shale and semi-coke by fluidization principle; pp. 449–461

Ziyi Lu, Tai Lv, Lintong Liu, Guowei Liu

With the progress of technology, the development and utilization of oil shale are becoming more and more extensive. Oil shale is composed of organic matter and inorganic matter. The latter refers to minerals that cannot be utilized in the production process. On the one hand, due to the uneven distribution of inorganic material in oil shale, the density and composition of organic matter of different oil shales are different. On the other hand, due to the limited mining technology, oil shale gets often mixed with various impurities, which makes its purification more difficult and increases the respective cost. Based on the characteristics of uneven distribution of inorganic substances and high impurity density in oil shale, its separation experiments were carried out using a self-made separator. The results show that the separation efficiency of oil shale and semi-coke can reach 56.74% and 73.17%, respectively.


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