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Oil Shale
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Analysis of the abundance and type of organic matter of oil shale in the sequence stratigraphic framework of the Middle Permian Lucaogou Formation at the northern foot of Bogda Mountain, NW China, was carried out. The Lucaogou Formation consists of two well-completed 3rd order oil shale sequences, sequence 1 and sequence 2. With respect to organic matter abundance, in each sequence, the TOC of oil shale in the lowstand systems tract (LST) and the regressive systems tract (RST) is of medium abundance. The TOC of oil shale in the transgressive systems tract (TST) is of higher abundance, and in the highstand systems tract (HST), of highest. In regard to type, the organic matter of oil shale in the LST of either sequence is mainly of type II2 or type II1. In TST and HST, it is predominantly of type II1 and type I, respectively, and in RST, of type II1 or II2. The proportion of lake algae in the organic matter of oil shale is the highest in HST, while the share of terrestrial plants is the highest in LST and RST. Being originated from lake algae and terrestrial plants, the organic matter of oil shale in TST is of mixed type.


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