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Oil Shale
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Coal and oil shale quality is important to evaluate for mining purposes worldwide. In order to evaluate the quality and analyze the mineralization of coal and oil shale in the Paleogene Lijiaya Formation in Huangxian Coalfield, Eastern China, 27 samples were studied by the methods of geochemistry, sedimentology and coal geology. The results indicated that coal belonged to brown coal with high moisture content, low-medium ash yield and low sulfur content. It is high-quality coal that is suitable for industrial electricity generation. However, the quality of oil shale varied by layers, while three quality levels could be distinguished: high-quality oil shale was located in layers A-1 and B with a thickness of 2.5 m, medium-quality oil shale was deposited in layer A-2 with a thickness of 1.71 m, and poor-quality oil shale was found in layers A-3 and C with a thickness of 1.55 m. So, oil shale layer A can be mined together with coal bed 1, while oil shale layer B can be extracted separately and layer C as a perspective resource would be subject to mining in future.


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