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Fast pyrolysis of a Dachengzi oil shale sample was studied using a Curie-point pyrolyzer, the pyrolysis products were characterized online by gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy. Nine different Curie-point tempera­tures were chosen to investigate product distribution regularities. Hydro­carbons were the major components of the fast pyrolysis products of oil shale. n-Alkanes were generated at all the nine temperatures, while cyclo­alkanes only appeared at the temperatures above 485 °C. Branched alkanes were seldom produced at all the temperature points because of the bond cleavage at the branch point. Alkenes and aromatic compounds began to be formed at 386 °C and 423 °C separately, and their molecule sizes decreased with increasing pyrolysis temperature. Various oxygen-containing com­pounds, including ketones, acids, alcohols, esters and phenols, were identified in the shale oil components, indicating the wide existence of oxygen-containing functional groups.


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