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Ultrasonic extraction of kerogen derived by acid treatment of Huadian oil shale is performed using an organic solvent. The most effective solvent is the 60:40 (wt%) mixture of chloroform and carbon disulfide, and the suitable mass ratio of the demineralized oil shale to solvent is 1:20. The oil yield by ultrasonic extraction can reach 15.6% based on the demineralized oil shale, compared with a Fischer Assay oil content of 18.9%. The optimum operating parameters as determined by the orthogonal test are: 60 kHz ultrasonic frequency, 200 W ultrasonic power, 30 min extraction time, and 313 K extraction temperature. Through the gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis, the most plentiful compounds in the extracts are low molecular weight alicyclic hydrocarbons, accounting for about 68.3% of total species. The physicochemical properties of the extracts indicated that these can act as an important complementary resource for the production of diesel after appropriate processing.


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