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Oil Shale
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M. À. Olivella, F. X. C. De Las Heras
This work involves a comparative study of six different linear methods: three methods based on several curves and three based on a single curve for deriv­ing kinetic parameters from TG/DTG curves in the interval related to oil and hydrocarbon generation. Such methods were applied for interpretation of nonisothermal data obtained at pyrolysis of two Spanish coals and two samples of oil shale. In order to elucidate the most accurate methods based on a single TG/DTG curve, respective equations were simulated by the use of a simulation program. Although some of these methods were proposed more than 30 years ago, they are extensively used nowadays and useful for study­ing thermal degradation of solids. Comparison of experimental data with simulated curves shows that the differential method followed by the integral one proposed by Friedman, Popescu and Segal were the most accurate methods. In contrast, differential methods based on single and several curves developed by Vachusca, Voboril and Friedman, respectively, were con­sidered the least accurate methods.

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