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Oil Shale
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Effect of processing conditions on the improvement of properties and recovering yield of Moroccan oil shale; pp. 61–78
PDF | 10.3176/oil.2022.1.04

Abdelkrim Abourriche, Mina Oumam, Said Mansouri, Mossaab Mouiya, Yassine Rakcho, Abdelaziz Benhammou, Younes Abouliatim, Jones Alami, Hassan Hannache

In the present work, Moroccon Tarfaya oil shale was treated by acids and different solvents under supercritical conditions, successively. Experimental results showed clearly that residual mineral matter had a significant effect on the yield and composition of the resulting organic fraction. Indeed, theoil yields obtained from some samples, 43% and 56%, respectively, were much higher than that from the sub-layer, 18%. In addition, the yield of recuperation and quality of extracted oils were largely dependent on the nature of solvents (toluene, water, shale oil). Thus, phenol was shown to be a very efficient modifier for the supercritical extraction of organic matter from Tarfaya oil shale with toluene, affording a good yield of recovery and a suitable maturation of organic matter. The pitches prepared by mixing phenol and toluene contained more aromatics and had a high char yield (46%) at 950 °C compared to those obtained by extraction with supercritical toluene alone.



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