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Possibilities of utilizing organic-poor metalliferous black shales (argillite); pp. 242–267
PDF | 10.3176/oil.2020.3.05

Rein Palvadre

The present paper is focused on the possibilities of recovering rare metals molybdenum (Mo), uranium (U) and vanadium (V) from organic-poor metalliferous black shales on an example of Estonian argillite. For this purpose two flowsheets for processing argillite have been proposed: one is based on the separation of organic matter (OM) together with allied rare metals, and the other on the combustion of argillite in the presence of salts without prior separation of OM. For the recovery of rare metals from leaching solutions the anion exchange method was used. The influence of different parameters, such as metals concentrations and pH of leaching solutions, on the sorption process was studied.


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