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Oil Shale cover
Oil Shale
ISSN 1736-7492 (Electronic)
ISSN 0208-189X (Print)
Impact Factor (2022): 1.9
Vol 39, Issue 1, 2022
Comparison of the ecotoxic properties of oil shale industry by-products to those of coal ash; pp. 1–19
Heidi Lees, Oliver Järvik, Alar Konist, Andres Siirde, Birgit Maaten
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Multivariate models based on infrared spectra as a substitute for oil property correlations to predict thermodynamic properties: evaluated on the basis of the narrow-boiling fractions of Kukersite retort oil; pp. 20–36
Zachariah Steven Baird, Vahur Oja
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The effect of pyrolysis conditions on the composition of Chinese Jimsar shale oil using FT-IR, 1H-NMR and 13C-NMR techniques; pp. 37–60
Hao Lu, Luwei Pan, Yue Guo, Fangqin Dai, Shaohui Pei, Jianning Huang, Shuang Liu
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Effect of processing conditions on the improvement of properties and recovering yield of Moroccan oil shale; pp. 61–78
Abdelkrim Abourriche, Mina Oumam, Said Mansouri, Mossaab Mouiya, Yassine Rakcho, Abdelaziz Benhammou, Younes Abouliatim, Jones Alami, Hassan Hannache
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Study on pore and fracture evolution characteristics of oil shale pyrolysed by high-temperature water vapour; pp. 79–95
Jing Zhao, Lusheng Yang, Dong Yang, Zhiqin Kang, Lei Wang
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