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SINCE 1965
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Linguistica Uralica
ISSN 1736-7506 (Electronic)
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Mетеорологическая лексика удмуртского языка (структурно-словообразовательная система) [Meteorological Vocabulary in Udmurt. A Structural and Derivational Analysis]; pp. 225-234

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Anatolij Rakin


The article analyses the structure and derivation of Udmurt meteorological vocabulary. Three structural types of the meteo terms are distinguished, namely, one-word terms (roots and derivatives), compound terms, and phrases. Root terms consist of a single root morpheme. Many of them are old words without a transparent etymology. The derivatives appear to have chosen from a list of 17 suffixes. Compound terms consist of two components written either solidly or with a hyphen. The phrasal terms display 19 structural patterns, which use all parts of speech, auxiliaries included.


Серебренников Б. А. 1963, Историческая морфология пермских языков, Москва.

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