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SINCE 1965
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Linguistica Uralica
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O диалектной принадлежности четы­рех героических песен М. А. Кастрена [Dialectal Affiliation of Four Selkup ”Heroic Songs” by M. A. Castrén]; pp. 282-288

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/lu.2016.4.05

S. V. Glushkov, A. V. Baydak


The article describes an attempt to determine the dialectal affiliation of four Selkup texts, the so-called heroic songs. These texts were recorded in the middle of the XIX century by the Finnish scientist M. A. Castrén. Our analysis revealed the affiliation of all four texts to one dialect area. According to the linguistic data the language of the four songs correlates with the modern Sheshkup dialect. In addition, there are significant features of the central dialects, bringing it close to the modern Chumylkup dialect, in particular to its Tym vernacular.


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