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SINCE 1965
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Linguistica Uralica
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Geografitsheskaja leksika russkogo proishozhdenija v karel'skich govorach Tverskoj oblasti [Geographical Vocabulary of Russian Origin in Tver Karelian Dialects]; pp. 241-246
PDF | doi: 10.3176/lu.2015.4.01

Denis Kuz´min

The paper analyzes the geographical vocabulary of Russian origin used by the Karelian population of the Tver region. One of the distinctive features compared to the other areas of Karelian settlement is a significant number of Russian borrowings among the toponyms as well as in the rest of the vocabulary of the region, which is due to Karelians living within the Central Russian historic-cultural area for several centuries and thus having contacts with the Russian-speaking population. The borrowings have different chronologies. In the geographical vocabulary of the area there are two main layers of Russian borrowings: traditional geographical terms of ­the Russian population in the Tver region, and the relatively late geographical vocabulary, which mainly appeared in the Soviet period.


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