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Production of Short and Long Finnish ­Vowels with and without Noise Masking; pp. 200-208

Full article in PDF format | doi:10.3176/lu.2012.3.06

Osmo Eerola, Janne Savela


In order to further examine the possible quality differences between produced short and long Finnish vowels, we studied the formant frequencies F1–F4 and duration of the eight Finnish vowels /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, /u/, /y/, /æ/ and /ø/ when uttered in carrier words (e.g., /tili/ — /tiili/) in two different masking conditions and without a noise mask. Babble noise at 92dB SPL was used to simulate a loud, crowded cocktail party, and pink noise at 83dB SPL an environment with the ­maximum noise level allowed for continuous working. Minor quality differences were found between the short and long vowels. Noise masking caused a significant prolongation of produced short vowels, and a significant increase in the F1 frequency.


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