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SINCE 1965
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Linguistica Uralica
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The Dynamics of Finnish Causative Verb Derivation. Prototypes and Constructions; pp. 273-296
PDF | doi:10.3176/lu.2011.4.03

Geda Paulsen

The present paper proposes an alternative approach to the aspects of word formation and lexical processes by the example of the Finnish causative verbs derived with the suffix (U)ttA. The causative verb behaviour is argued to be affected by a relational network of both prototypical and construction-specific structures. The prototype structures defined by the derivatives’ salient features in form of the conceptual structure and linking regularities are used to describe the general behaviour of the causative derivatives and to contrast to the idiosyncratic patterns occurring in connection with these verbs. The constructions discussed in this paper are the emotive causative construction and the middle construction.


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