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SINCE 1965
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Three North Samoyedic Prohibitive Auxiliaries: Nenets ńo-, ńō-, ńu-, ńū-, Nganasan ńe- and Enets i-; pp. 138-143
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Ago Künnap
Among North Samoyedic prohibitive auxiliaries the Nenets ńo- etc. is exceptional because it does not match the general tendency in North Samoyedic as it states that the secondary ń precedes palatal vowels only. The consonant ń- is regarded as secondary among North Samoyedic negative auxiliaries. Therefore the ńo- should actually be an ń-initial primary stem (*ńo-). According to the M. A. Castrén’s Samoyedic grammar, the prohibitive stems Nenets ńo- etc., Nganasan ńe- and Enets i- were very restrictedly used in his time. In subject literature researchers did not pay any special attention to the limited use mentioned above. However, it is conspicuous that the spheres of the limited use in all three languages coincide in Castrén’s treatment: only for the 2P. It may not at all be accidental.

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