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Sliding wear of TiC-NiMo and Cr3C2-Ni cermet particles reinforced FeCrSiB matrix HVOF sprayed coatings; pp. 203–211

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/eng.2013.3.03

Andrei Surzhenkov, Maksim Antonov, Dmitri Goljandin, Timo Vilgo, Valdek Mikli, Mart Viljus, Jyrki Latokartano, Priit Kulu


In the current article, high-velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) sprayed composite powder TiC-NiMo and Cr3C2-Ni cermet particles reinforced self-fluxing alloy matrix (FeCrSiB) coatings were studied. The actual content of the reinforcement in the sprayed coatings was smaller in comparison with the feedstock powders. Cermet particles were deformed at the impact with the substrate, deformation was more remarkable in the case of the TiC-NiMo particles. Sprayed coatings exhibited a structure with a number of defects, like voids and cracks, whereas the latter were more pronounced in reinforced coatings. Despite the bigger number of defects, cermet particles reinforced coatings had up to 1.2 times higher surface hardness than the unreinforced coating. TiC-NiMo particles reinforced coating demonstrated 1.8 times higher sliding wear resistance than the unreinforced coating. Cr3C2-Ni particles reinforced coating showed 1.3–2.8 times higher sliding wear resistance in comparison with the unreinforced coating, depending on the series of tests. Addition of cermet particles allowed to increase the resistance of the FeCrSiB matrix to deformation and scuffing.


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