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Estonian Journal of Engineering

Refined models and control solutions for mechatronics design of mobile robotic platforms; pp. 212–238

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/eng.2013.3.04

Farhan A. Salem


This paper presents new refined mathematical, Simulink and function block models for mobile robots, and some considerations regarding mechatronics design and control solutions. The presented models are mainly intended to be used to help in facing the two top challenges in developing mechatronic mobile robotic systems: firstly, early identifying system level problems and ensuring that all design requirements are met, and secondly, to be used for research purposes and application in educational process. The presented models, blocks and designs were created and verified using MATLAB/Simulink software. Testing models for achieving desired design specifica­tions shows the applicability and accuracy of the design. The results also show that PID, PI and PI with deadbeat response are applicable for achieving desired smooth speed of a given mobile robot with acceptable stability and fastness of response.


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