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Estonian Journal of Engineering
Vol 19, Issue 2, 2013
Spatial variations of wave loads and closure depths along the coast of the eastern Baltic Sea; pp. 93–109
Tarmo Soomere, Maija Viška, Maris Eelsalu
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On the occurrence of non-reflecting cross-shore profiles along Estonian coasts of the Baltic Sea; pp. 110–123
Ira Didenkulova, Tarmo Soomere, Katri Pindsoo, Sten Suuroja
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Exposure of a coastal city to a landslide tsunami: a case study of Cassis, France; pp. 124–142
Elena Averbukh, Philippe Dussouillez, Christian Kharif, Olga Khvostova, Andrey Kurkin, Pierre Rochette, Tarmo Soomere
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Tool life evaluation of cutting materials in hard turning of AISI H11; pp. 143–151
Brahim Fnides, Smail Boutabba, Mohamed Fnides, Hamdi Aouici, Athmane Yallese
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Development of Estonian nutrient discharge standards for wastewater treatment plants; pp. 152–168
Raili Niine, Enn Loigu, Walter Z. Tang
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