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Estonian Journal of Engineering
Control structure and scheduling of a hybrid assembly system; pp. 18–29
PDF | doi: 10.3176/eng.2013.1.03

Branko Katalinic, Valentin E. Pryanichnikov, Kanji Ueda, Toms Torims, Ilya Kukushkin, Paulina Cesarec, Roman Kettler

This paper describes a hybrid control structure, working scenarios and logic of working cycles during the assembly of an unlimited sequence of assembly orders in a bionic assembly system (BAS). Focus is given on the realization of the communication between subsystems, different modes of the assembly process and scheduling strategies and basic tasks of mobile robots during assembly. BAS is a new concept in advanced assembling systems, which combines two basic control structures and principles: a centralized control system, based on the hierarchy, and a self-organizing control system, based on the heterarchy.


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