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Estonian Journal of Engineering
Real time production monitoring system in SME; pp. 62–75
PDF | doi: 10.3176/eng.2013.1.06

Aleksei Snatkin, Kristo Karjust, Jüri Majak, Tanel Aruväli, Tanel Eiskop

Real time production monitoring systems (PMSs) is an alternative to manual data collection and captures most of the required production data without human intervention. The general objective of the current study is to analyse PMSs and to offer particular solutions for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The subtasks to be solved in the case of each particular PMS include determining relevant parameters, designing PMS and development of the data analysis and prognosis model for short term and long term planning. The selection of suitable PMS components and relevant parameters and the development of lathe cutting unit measuring system are described in the case study. Defendec Inc. and National Instruments Corporation wireless components were adopted to implement a part of the PMS.


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