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Estonian Journal of Engineering
Coatings and surface engineering. Industry oriented research; pp. 176–184
PDF | doi: 10.3176/eng.2012.3.02

Renno Veinthal, Priit Kulu, Arkadi Žikin, Heikki Sarjas, Maksim Antonov, Vitali Podgurski, Eron Adoberg

R&D activities in the field of surface engineering are conducted in three areas: thermal sprayed (TS), plasma transferred arc (PTA) welded and physical vapour deposited (PVD) wear resistant coatings. In the field of TS coatings, the study is aimed at the production of composite coatings based on recycled hardmetal powders and commercial Fe-based self-fluxing alloy powders, in PTA welding – at the production of thick metal-matrix composite hardfacings, based on Fe- and Ni-based commercial spray powders and hardmetal/cermet reinforcements. Potential areas of application of coatings are the following cost-sensitive areas like mining, energy produc­tion, road building, agriculture, etc. Thin hard PVD coatings (mono-, multilayer and composite coatings of TiN, TiAIN, AlTiN; nanocoating nACo, etc.) and different coating systems (hardmetal + coatings, high speed steel + coatings, nitrided steel + coatings) were studied. To extend the application areas of thin hard coatings, the duplex coatings and duplex treatments (self-lubricated films on PVD coatings, laser hardening of PVD coated surfaces) were investigated. As a result of the studies, the principles for coatings selection under different operation conditions are formulated.


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