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Estonian Journal of Engineering
Effect of basalt addition on tribological performance of FeCrSiB HVOF coatings; pp. 211–220
PDF | doi: 10.3176/eng.2012.3.06

Maksim Antonov, Andrei Surženkov, Irina Hussainova, Dmitri Goljandin, Valdek Mikli

Products made of basalt are recently gaining sufficient attention due to depletion of raw materials serving as reinforcement for construction, and wear resistant materials. Basalt has sufficient mechanical strength, high hardness, low density and superior corrosion resistance. Basalt and other minerals are used in thick metal coatings to adjust their thermal expansion to that of the steel substrate. High velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) sprayed coating method allows to prepare solid basalt-steel composite materials since the melting temperatures of basalt and steel are very close and materials obtained by casting or sintering will have low mechanical properties. The aim of the current work is to study the change in tribological response under erosive, abrasive, reciprocal and continuous sliding conditions when basalt is added to the harder matrix. It was found that the addition of 12 vol% of basalt to the FeCrSiB HVOF sprayed coating is generally unfavourable in tribological conditions due to the brittleness of basalt and its flake shape. The worst relative performance was observed in reciprocal sliding conditions and the best one in mild conditions of continuous sliding. Discussion on the mechanisms of materials performance is based on SEM and EDS results.


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