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Estonian Journal of Engineering

A method for mixing molten metal and a compatible electric arc furnace; pp. 220–240

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/eng.2011.3.04

Heigo Mõlder, Jaan Järvik, Kuno Janson, Rauno Gordon, Toomas Vaimann


The objective of this paper is to study a novel method for molten metal circulation in an electric arc furnace. That involves research of operating principles, calculation methods and practical test with a pioneer prototype of the furnace. Construction of the electric arc furnace and new methods for mixing the melting metal in this furnace are described. Principles of constructing arc furnaces are specified. Calculation methods, needed for understanding the operation of the furnace are presented. Emphasis is put on the magnetic field and circulation force density calcula­tion. Modelling of the arc furnace and of the involved processes is carried out. Testing of the pioneer prototype is described and the test results are presented. Evaluation of theoretical calcula­tion methods is done by comparing the results with the practical data.


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