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Estonian Journal of Engineering
Development of a method for optical monitoring of creatinine in the spent dialysate; pp. 140–150
PDF | doi: 10.3176/eng.2011.2.04

Ruth Tomson, Fredrik Uhlin, Jana Holmar, Kai Lauri, Merike Luman, Ivo Fridolin
The aim of the study was to develop a method suitable for the estimation of the amount of creatinine, removed during dialysis through UV-absorbance. Sixteen uremic patients, seven females and nine males, on chronic thrice-weekly hemodialysis were included in the study. Double-beam spectrophotometer was used for the determination of UV-absorbance in the collected spent dialysate samples. Due to differences in independent variables, two multi-wavelength models (m1 and m2) were developed using stepwise regression, utilizing creatinine values from the laboratory as the dependent parameter. The coefficient of determination, R2 was 0.8690 for the first and 0.9103 for the second model. The systematic error, estimated as BIAS, was zero for both models compared to the creatinine values from the laboratory. The standard errors were 10.06 µmol/l and 15.24 µmol/l for m1 and m2, respectively. The average reduction ratio (RR) from creatinine blood values was 59.8 ± 5.4% (N = 50), average RR from m1 was 63.7 ± 7.3% (N = 50) and average RR from m2 was 64.8 ± 6.4% (N = 48). In summary, the amount of creatinine removed as well as the reduction ratio of creatinine during dialysis can be estimated with UV-absorbance technique.

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