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Estonian Journal of Engineering
Dynamic geometry of a rotating cylinder with shell thickness variation; pp. 285–296
PDF | doi: 10.3176/eng.2010.4.04

Jari Juhanko, Esa Porkka, Petri Kuosmanen, Thomas Widmaier
This research is based on observations on paper quality problems. These observed quality problems were found out to be synchronous to the half of the perimeter of the backing roll of the blade coating station, and to be a function of the running speed. The backing roll has a large diameter compared with its shell thickness. Run-out measurement of the roll showed a running speed dependent run-out behaviour. Ultrasonic shell thickness measurement showed a relatively large systematic variation. The thickness measurement data was used as geometry information in two different FE models. The results from the analyses of these two FE models showed rotational speed dependent geometry changes, showing that the shell thickness variation is a possible cause of the observed paper quality problems.

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