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Estonian Journal of Engineering
Al-W-B powder materials; pp. 142–149
PDF | doi: 10.3176/eng.2010.2.03

Irina Boiko, Victor Mironov, Oleg Filippov
Al-W-B composite materials, obtained by hot pressing of separate layers of the fibres, previously covered with aluminium by thermal spraying, containing from 25% to 60% of B-W fibres, have been studied. The structure and some characteristics, in particular microhardness, of the materials and the possibility of crushing the Al-W-B material wastes into a powder were investigated. It has been shown that the bulk density of the final powder depends on the degree of crushing and microhardness of the solid phase, and the bulk density of the aluminium matrix of Al-W-B composite powders varies significantly. The compressibility of powders was investigated by the method of cold pressing and electrosintering and the properties of the obtained briquettes were studied. The samples after cold pressing and sintering had the density range from 2.1 to 2.3 g/сm3 and the compression strength from 70 to 90 MPa. Possible fields of application of powdered
Al-W-B alloy materials, such as manufacturing of grinding tools, are considered.

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