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LPE technology for power GaAs diode structures; pp. 11–22

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/eng.2010.1.04

Viktor Voitovich, Toomas Rang, Galina Rang

A liquid phase epitaxy technology for deposition of GaAs epilayers on the monocristallic GaAs substrates for high voltage ultra fast power p+-p-i-n-n+ GaAs structures has been developed. Proposed technological and hardware solutions of the LPE allow high efficiency of the growing process of diode structures with prescribed ratings and high structural quality of epitaxial layers. A method and technology for the fabrication of GaAs dies for the nanosecond range with reverse voltage up to 1200 V and current up to 100 A in diode chips is introduced. Reverse recovery times down to 20 ns were achieved and could be preserved up to + 260 °С.

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