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Estonian Journal of Engineering
Influence of sintering techniques on the performance characteristics of steel-bonded TiC-based cermets; pp. 283–292
PDF | doi: 10.3176/eng.2009.4.05

Aleksei Tšinjan, Heinrich Klaasen, Jakob Kübarsepp, Harri Annuka

This paper analyses the influence of sintering technology (temperature, gas compression during sintering) and heat treatment on the performance of an advanced TiC-based cermet developed for metalforming. The performance was evaluated by adhesive wear resistance, trans­verse rupture strength and microstructure studies. Optimal technology and parameters, ensuring maximum wear resistance and strength of the TiC-based (carbide) composite, are determined. The positive effect of gas compression during sintering on the performance of TiC-based cermets was revealed. Heat treatment (tempering) that causes no noticeable changes of strength and hardness results in a remarkable decrease of the adhesive wear resistance.


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