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Estonian Journal of Engineering

Seasonal and diurnal variations of wind parameters at Pakri; pp. 227–239

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/eng.2009.3.06

Sirje Keevallik, Tarmo Soomere

Long-term, seasonal, and diurnal variations of the wind speed in 1969–1992 are analysed for a homogeneous wind data set from Pakri, located on the North Estonian coast in the western part of the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea. Interannual variations of the annual mean wind speed are mostly ± 1 m/s from the overall average (5.1 m/s). Seasonal variations of the monthly mean wind speed have the same magnitude. No clear trend in the annual mean wind speed existed in 1966–1992 and a drastic drop in the respective value in 1993 stems from the relocation of the measurement site. Wind speed frequency distributions vary during the year showing the largest seasonal differences for west and north-west winds. While there is almost no dependence of the wind speed on the measurement time in winter and in autumn, there is a large daily cycle in spring and summer with values deviating by ± 0.75 m/s from the average.

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