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Estonian Journal of Engineering
Motor drive design using structured query language; 334–344
PDF | doi: 10.3176/eng.2008.4.05

Valery Vodovozov, Juhan Laugis
An integrated design task includes equipment selection, structural synthesis, experiment planning and results processing, as well as improvements in the designed systems. The problem of motor drive design concerns multi-criteria non-linear problems that have a number of solutions. In daily practice, the search for an optimum solution relies mostly on the designer’s intuition and experience. Therefore the obtained results have often a low degree of equipment use, unwarranted complexity, or excessive cost. The approach proposed in this paper is based on the implementation of the structured query language into the design stages that improve the work with databases of the drive components. Examples of effective algorithms are given to choose an optimum ratio of electrical and mechanical components. A soft tool is developed to generate and edit query sentences, to extract information from the databases and to test different component sets for particular applications.

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