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The variation of the velocity and turbulent kinetic energy field in the wave in the vicinity of the breaking point; pp. 42–64

Full article in PDF format | doi: 10.3176/eng.2008.1.04

Toomas Liiv, Priidik Lagemaa

The paper describes experimental investigation of the flow and turbulent kinetic energy under the weakly plunging breaking wave in the outer surf zone. Experiments for the present study were carried out on a surf zone model with a constant slope of 1 : 17 in the vicinity of the wave breaking point. Experimental results show that the kinetic energy is largest under the wave crest and decreases rapidly after the wave crest has passed. Visualization of the flow proved that the velocity profile during backflow phases resembles the steady open channel flow, but during the onflow phases the velocity profile is unlike any other flow situation.

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