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On the uncertainty of measurements by measuring the form of a surface; 84–93

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Indrek Abiline, Rein Laaneots, Maidu Nanits, Jürgen Riim

Modern manufacturing poses high demands on the accuracy of surfaces of parts of machineryof complicated form. Whether the produced parts of machinery meet the demands, listed in technical specifications, can only be determined in the course of corresponding measurements. One of the possibilities of measuring the surface contour of the parts of complicated form is by using the inductive surface roughness and form measurement instrument “Perthometer Concept”. Although this measuring instrument has been previously calibrated, an investigation was carried out to assess the reliability of the measurement results. A measurement model was composed and the values of the input quantities as well as their distribution were experimentally determined. As a result of this investigation, the reliability of the surface measurement results are characterized basing on expanded uncertainty.

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