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Outlook for wind measurement at Estonian automatic weather stations; 234-251

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Sirje Keevallik, Tarmo Soomere, Riina Pärg, Veera Žukova

A preliminary analysis of the compatibility of wind properties obtained from continuous high-resolution recordings at automatic stations and traditional wind data (obtained by means of averaging the wind speed over a 10-minute interval and the wind direction over a 2-minute interval once in every 3 hours) has been carried out. Both wind speed data sets represent the same data population. The distribution of the differences between individual wind speed observations is non-Gaussian. The difference of estimates of the average wind speed is negligible for time scales of several weeks or longer. The shape parameter of the Weibull distribution for wind speeds is found to depend on the threshold for calm situations; it is close to 2 when wind speeds under 0.5 m/s are treated as calm. This choice also leads to a reasonable match of the corresponding wind roses.

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