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Estonian Journal of Ecology
Vol 63, Issue 4, 2014
Assessment of the hydromorphological quality of streams in the Venta River Basin District, Latvia; pp. 205–216
Jolanta Jēkabsone, Linda Uzule
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Dynamics of silica and phytoplankton population under altered conditions of river flow in the Daugava River, Latvia; pp. 217–231
Juris Aigars, Iveta Jurgensone, Mintauts Jansons
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Mean weight and total biomass of zooplankton as a core indicator of biodiversity of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive: an example of the Gulf of Riga; pp. 232–241
Mart Simm, Jonne Kotta, Holger Jänes
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Taxonomic composition of zoopsammon in fresh and brackish waters of Estonia, a Baltic province ecoregion of Europe; pp. 242–261
Külli Lokko, Taavi Virro, Jonne Kotta
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Testing and development of different metrics and indexes describing submerged aquatic vegetation for the assessment of the ecological status of semi-enclosed coastal water bodies in the NE Baltic Sea; pp. 262–281
Kaire Torn, Georg Martin, Liis Rostin
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Recreational ice fishing on the large Lake Peipsi: socioeconomic importance, variability of ice-cover period, and possible implications for fish stocks; pp. 282–298
Kati Orru, Külli Kangur, Peeter Kangur, Kai Ginter, Andu Kangur
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Contrasting patterns of macroptery in Roesel’s bush cricket Metrioptera roeselii (Orthoptera, Ensifera); pp. 299–311
Szabolcs Szanyi, Antal Nagy, István A. Rácz, Zoltán Varga
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