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Estonian Journal of Ecology
Vol 63, Issue 3, 2014
Winter conditions in six European shallow lakes: a comparative synopsis; pp. 111–129
Martin T. Dokulil, Alois Herzig, Boglárka Somogyi, Lajos Vörös, Tiina Nõges, Karl Donabaum, Linda May
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Oligochaetes (Annelida, Clitellata) in the Anzali International Wetland, north-western Iran; pp. 130–144
Fatemeh Nazarhaghighi, Tarmo Timm, Rezvan Mousavi Nadoushan, Nader Shabanipour, Mohammad Reza Fatemi, Ali Mashinchian Moradi
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Linking nutrient loading, local abiotic variables, richness and biomasses of macrophytes, and associated invertebrate species in the north-eastern Baltic Sea; pp. 145–167
Jonne Kotta, Tiia Möller
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Variability of riparian soil diatom communities and their potential as indicators of anthropogenic disturbances; pp. 168–184
Piret Vacht, Liisa Puusepp, Tiiu Koff, Triin Reitalu
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Analysis of some limiting ecological factors on the example of the distribution of the genus Tilia L. cultivated in Latvia; pp. 185–202
Gunta Evarte-Bundere
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