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Estonian Journal of Ecology
Vol 62, Issue 1, 2013
Foreword. Selected papers of the International Scientific Conference ‘Humus forms and biologically active compounds as indicators of pedodiversity’, 27–28 August 2012, Tartu, Estonia; pp. 3–5
Raimo Kõlli
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Humus cover and its fabric depending on pedo-ecological conditions and land use: an Estonian approach to classification of humus forms; pp. 6–23
Raimo Kõlli, Indrek Tamm
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Effectiveness of a shelterbelt in decreasing the level of inorganic elements in agricultural landscape; pp. 24–34
Lech W. Szajdak, Irena Życzyńska-Bałoniak
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Peat humic acid properties and factors influencing their variability in a temperate bog ecosystem; pp. 35–52
Maris Klavins, Oskars Purmalis, Valery Rodinov
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Distribution of organic carbon in humic and granulodensimetric fractions of soil as influenced by tillage and crop rotation; pp. 53–69
Inga Liaudanskiene, Alvyra Slepetiene, Aleksandras Velykis, Antanas Satkus
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Effect of spring oilseed rape crop density on plant root biomass and soil enzymes activity; pp. 70–78
Rita Čepulienė, Aušra Marcinkevičienė, Rimantas Velička, Robertas Kosteckas, Rita Pupalienė
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