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Estonian Journal of Ecology
Response of benthic invertebrate communities to the large-scale dredging of Muuga Port; pp. 286–296
PDF | doi: 10.3176/eco.2009.4.04

Jonne Kotta, Kristjan Herkül, Ilmar Kotta, Helen Orav-Kotta, Robert Aps

The dynamics of benthic invertebrate communities in Muuga Bay was described in connection with large-scale dredging activities. The spatial extent and duration of the effects were assessed by multivariate analysis and spatial modelling. In general, dredging had moderate effects on benthic invertebrates both in space and time. Still, dredging resulted in an elevated biomass
of bivalves, namely that of Macoma balthica. These bivalves were more impacted on flat bottoms compared to steep slopes.


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