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Estonian Journal of Ecology
Vol 57, Issue 3, 2008
A methodology of the satellite mapping and monitoring of protected landscapes in Estonia; pp. 159–184
Kiira Aaviksoo, Karin Muru
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Optical and physical properties of coastal water and their relations to radar (ASAR) data – a case study of Muuga Bay, Gulf of Finland; pp. 185–197
Liis Sipelgas, Urmas Raudsepp, Rivo Uiboupin
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Spatial distribution of macrofauna in a littoral zone with drifting macroalgae in the Neva estuary; pp. 198–213
Nadezhda A. Berezina
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The pelagic food web in forest lakes affected by alkaline mining waste in NW Russia; pp. 214–228
Ismo J. Holopainen, Anna-Liisa Holopainen, Eeva Huitu, Minna Rahkola-Sorsa, Priit Zingel
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