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akadeemia kirjastus
Estonian Journal of Ecology
Vol 57, Issue 2, 2008
Estimating water quality in river basins using linked models and databases; pp. 83–99
Peeter Ennet, Karin Pachel, Vladimir Viies, Lembit Jürimägi, Rain Elken
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Toxins and other bioactive compounds produced by cyanobacteria in Lake Ladoga; pp. 100–110
Ludmila Voloshko, Jiri Kopecky, Tatiana Safronova, Alla Pljusch, Nina Titova, Pavel Hrouzek, Valentina Drabkova
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Dynamics of smelt (Osmerus eperlanus) numbers in Lake Peipsi over a decade; pp. 111–118
Teet Krause, Anu Palm
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Change in agriculturally used land and related habitat loss: A case study in eastern Estonia over 50 years; pp. 119–132
Silja Kana, Tiiu Kull, Merit Otsus
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Probability of competition between introduced and native rodents in Madagascar: An estimation based on morphological traits; pp. 133–152
Andrei Miljutin, Jukka T. Lehtonen
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